A great Islamic scholar, Imam Abu Hamid Algazali, while admonishing the preachers to be tolerant of brutish reaction from defiant persons, asserts that: “A person, who has a dead heart, is in parity like a dead goat. A dead goat doesn’t suffer the pains when slivering its body, because it is dead. Accordingly, a person whose mind dies does not have natural feeling of hurting word indicting him/her no matter its amount because he is spiritually and psychologically dead.” So, Imam Gazali is here advising every conscientious analyst and admonisher not to be uptight if his upright words are rejected by the hidebound persons because they are spiritually dead.
I have carefully read the beautiful memoirs of Ibrahim Geidam, a few days after his taking over the mantle of power. The memoirs were well presented but contained no name of any religious school that the new governor attended during his early years, as all his life seems tied to struggles for chow or related things. So advisedly, food is more or less a divine being to the life of this new governor as his life’s memoir implies. After reading the memoir I said to myself, now I know who really the new governor of Yobe State is and what Yobe State must go through in the hands of such a humdrum leader. To God my precious thanks how my presages became conventional and accurate.
For example, right from the mind-boggling demise of governor Mamman Ali, Yobe State has amazingly malformed to a particular animalism zone administrative wise. Six months after his death, I went to Damaturu as usual but I was only amazed if it was the Damaturu I visited some six months ago where sanity and cleanliness came into view on every street. There was nothing Boko Haram that time, but in Sabon-Fegi Governor Geidam built a chic mansion within just five months in office and deployed tens of mobile police officers to look guard it. When I saw the house, I snuffled slightly and said to friends in the car, Yobe is finished and Yobians are in trouble. But to me there is nothing startling in anything Ibrahim Geidam can do of building houses, obtaining posh cloths and vehicles, because I kept matching his activities with what I read of his life history. His life actually started and still revolves within the ring of money and food worshipers. It will even surprise me if Ibrahim Geidam’s instinctive focus was not on houses, food and cloths; because his life’s memoir confirms that those were his only problems all through his life. And in his animated book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki was saying: “Poor people have poor habits”.
And by tradition in Kano, we simply identify a person from a poor family by his extreme love for cloths, houses and vehicles, the moment we see this then it tells us the background of a person.
Well, I was in Damaturu some two months ago to condole with some friends over their missing relations and I noticed that nearly every street that I followed was totally dry. But it is known to me that the prudent Governor Geidam has banned using any type of motorbike in Damaturu and other key towns of Yobe State as a security measure, but even commercial and private cars could hardly be seen on the streets. When I went into the heart of Damaturu town, the houses were still empty and there were no businesses of any type that were going on, which makes me to ask people around as to why Damaturu was that dry and paralyzed. The answer was so nice, but my second question only shocked and made everyone laugh. I have asked if Ibrahim Geidam as the governor has been going round the city of Damaturu and seen how dry it has become?  Well, in view of all these mournful development, is he comfortable? They all laughed and the answer has clearly come out clear from their giggles.
Perhaps I have wrongly interpreted their giggles, which to me meant that the governor was heartless, so he has no feeling for his subjects considering what coerced them to leave their houses, farm lands,  and businesses which makes Damaturu to remain with empty streets and houses, nonetheless the governor was comfortable. This is wonderful.
Above all, a young person exhaled noisily and said to me “Alangubro you are talking of compassion in the heart of Bura-bura (Governor Geidam), look this man despite this steaming situation that engulfs his state, he spent most of his time in Dubai, India and other places. If in Nigeria, he still stayed in Abuja gleefully”. So I asked him how exactly the state house members react and his cabinet chiefs? Another person intercepts, saying, you are talking of an entirely a different set of people!
Deep in my heart I know that there is nothing surprising regarding the manners of Governor Geidam, since I read his life history before witnessing his actions. For sure, a person deficient in religious background is should be a moron and pokerfaced in nature, this is how I always examine the entire actions of all our northern politicians, which doesn’t surprise me humanly. But if there is any person on earth that must show abundant gratitude to God, it should be Ibrahim Geidam especially after looking at his political history. He was horrifically dishonored and dumped by the former governor Bukar Abba Ibrahim, as it equally happened to the immediate governor that he succeeds. In fact, a few days to the abrupt death of governor Mamman Ali, it was reported that Ibrahim Geidam was fully prepared to tender his resignation as the deputy governor as a result of tetragon pressures from the governor, all cabinet chiefs, ordinary party members and the party (ANPP) itself).
Unpredictably, Ibrahim Geidam became the governor (by constitutional merit), a feat which myself celebrated openly and excessively as a mere friend to Yobe people, with absolute expectation that Ibrahim Geidam must be extra good to the people of Yobe State and thankful to God considering his miraculous ascendancy. And that was the single reason why I have my precious time dedicated to read his biography, but right from the content of that memoir I lost all hopes and confidence in Ibrahim Geidam, especially when I realized that his religious background was actually very poor.
Now, every alcove in Yobe State has been tossed down by devastative troubles, tens of people migrating from the state every day and night, no single school is on session in most parts of the state, no business transaction is on track, Nguru town was completely devoured by awful flood, thousands of them have no shelter, no food, yet in such a situation Ibrahim Geidam as their governor was audacious to leave the state in the name of attending Umra ( lesser Hajj), and by brand of his faith, Ibrahim Geidam believes that he was doing the right thing because he left the state for visiting the Home of Allah and that was the diabolic impression. This is the result of spiritual deficiency, a person to uplift insignificant things above the supreme ones. Well, I have an inestimable respect for the word of Imam Zarnuji that says: “On no account a religiously deficient Muslim can perform the correct and accepted ibadat”.
Warure writes from Kano. He can be reached on 0809 0808 808

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  1. MD says:

    Wataqullah(kaji tsoron Allah) Tukur mamu you are a big lier

  2. yahaya mohammed says:

    desert herald pls.keep it up by saying the trut.

  3. yahaya mohammed says:


  4. umar says:

    Tukur Mamu,you and your cohorts will sure gain the wrath of Allah for slander. we all now know that you want Gaidam to settle u with large amount of money and if he refuse u will continue fabricating lies. FEAR ALLAH.

  5. ABDULLAHI M K says:

    In fact this writer has said it all. sir, more grease to your elbow. To be honest, I have never seen a useless administration like that of gaidam. He is the worst governor since yobe state was created BACK in 1992. it is on record that there is no single capital project worth two hundred million Naira that is executed since he assume the mantle of leadership five years ago. I want anybody that has substantial evidence to prove me wrong. And for those of you that politics has blind your eyes that you cannot longer see the real issue, may Allah open your eyes Amen.

  6. abba says:

    What is the origin of the writer? Danchirani telling our tales?

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