Why Adamawa electorates reject Bindow


By Mohammed Ismail
Despite the renewed braggadocio and exuberant display of desperation by the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gov. Bindow is a goner in Adamawa State.

The unanimous rejection of governor Bindow by the people of Adamawa State, is not a display of hatred for his person, but rather, a display of hatred for his character traits, his conducts both at personal and official levels, the policy direction of his government and what he stands for.

It is therefore, valid to say that if elections will be conducted 1,000 times, the governor will lose 1,000 times.

Bindow rode to power in 2015 on the crest of goodwill, precipitated by the SAK mantra coupled with Atiku’s and Nyako’s huge political support base, leading to an unprecedented victory never witnessed in the annals of democracy in the state.

The goodwill translated to a huge political capital which saw Bindow, a first timer, and a relatively unknown political minion riding the political space roughshod and slayed political giants like Nuhu Ribadu, Markus Gundiri Dr. Ahmed Modibbo and host of other politicians to win the election without much qualms.

It was such level of acceptability and show of unconditional camaraderie that made Bindow to poll almost twice the number of votes polled by the top three contenders in summation.

But instead of Bindow to acknowledge the gesture and pay the people back through purporseful leadership, he chose to indulge in what many coined “the promotion of foibles and executive rascality to a level never seen before”.

Bindow hoisted the most secretive government in the state by ensuring that financial transactions of government were shrouded in top secrecy which allowed him to perpetrate a leviathan financial sleaze of seismic proportions.

It is such mindset that made Bindow’s led government to shun the traditional practice of budget breakdown in the last four years. In the same vein, the governor with so much haughtiness and arrogance, blatantly defied the cries of the people to available them a comprehensive audited report of the financial transactions of the government despite repeated requests by journalists and other interested stakeholders in the state.

Aptly put, the governor ran the state like his personal fiefdom from his vantage position, without giving a hoot to the nuances and rudiments of financial best practices and without caring a hoot about the feelings of the people who were placed at the short end of the bargain.

It was such secrecy that made the governor to mortgage the future of the next generation by growing the debt portfolio of the state from about N35 billion which he inherited to about N150 billion now.

This is despite the huge financial handouts from the federal government to the state government in form of federal allocations to the state and local governments as well as Paris refund, financial bail outs, Internally Generated Revenue which amount to about N600 billion in the last 4 years.

It is on record that such level of unaccountability made it possible for the office of the governor to receive more budgetary allocations than the ministry of education, agriculture, and water resources combined together in the last four years.

In the history of governance in Adamawa State, no governor has abused and desecrated the sanctity of the office of the governor with impunity like Bindow.

His indulgence in revelries, lies and sufterfuge without recourse to the sanctity of the noble office he occupies made the office and by extension, Adamawa State, an object of ridicule.

It is because of such travesties that the people deemed fit to cast a slur on the governor by coining some ignominous words and phrases which they use to sarcastically sully him.

Such words and phrases include; Digital meaning “a pathological liar” and “mijin Hadiza Gabon” meaning a womanizer.

Such tendencies have eroded the integrity and acceptability of the governor before the very eyes of the people he lead.

For instance, it is widely believed across the state “rightly or wrongly” that the governor was in the habit of sneaking out in the night to socialise and romp with women making him to loss substantial respect of the people.

In the same vein, his association with Kannywood actresses has cost him substantial personal respect. Stories of the governor’s relationship with a Hausa actress, Hadiza Gabon, even earned the governor the sobriquet, “Mijin Hadiza Gabon” in Adamawa political circles which made matters even worst for the governor.

Apart from the above issues, the governor’s woeful performance in education, health, agriculture, water and human development sectors which is phenomenal by every measure and standard contributed in his outright rejection by the people.

For instance, despite the huge allocations to the education sector, a number of primary and secondary students receive classes under shades of trees.

The most cherished and coveted state university has been basterdized because of the fact that the institution was starved of finances to the extent the chairperson of the university’s chapter of ASUU, Dr. Abubakar Song accused the governor of refusal to give the institution its statutory allocations.

As if that was not enough, students of tertiary institutions were asked to purchase scholarship forms only to be shortchanged as the Bindow’s led administration blatantly refused to pay a large section of the students scholarship.

In the same vein, farmers in the state have been neglected as no assistance or subsidy was granted to them in the life of Bindow’s administration.

Investigation to ascertain whether the tractors purchased for the purporse of mechanized farming revealed that farmers never benefitted from the services of these tractors as most of them say they have never seen such tractors let alone benefit from their services.

Save for the intervention of donors, the health sector would have been in shambles like all the other neglected sectors.

Even politicians who helped the governor in winning elections were maltreated and discarded like a heap of rubbish by the administration.

For instance, despite the role Nyako played in the success of Bindow in 2015, the governor marked Nyako as his worst enemy and refused to condole him even when the ex governor lost his wife, Zainab Murtala Nyako.

Civil servants in the state, especially teachers, local government and health workers were not spared from the fury of the governor who owed them backlog of salaries for months which was only settled on the eve of elections.

In addition to that, leave grants, promotions and other sundry benefits of the workers were put on hold by the governor Bindow’s led administration. In addition, pensioners have been languishing for years without getting gratuities/pensions.

In response to the lacklustre attitude towards them, the students, politicians, farmers, civil servants and most Adamawa indignes reject Bindow by voting him out in the inconclusive election.

The people are now looking towards the new date for the supplementary polls to stamp their rejection of the malvolent administration that had left them worst off than it meet them.


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