Why APC’s destiny is dwindling in Zamfara



Within a very short while, momentous events have taken place in Zamfara state chapter of the All Progressive Congress APC and big issues come up in quick succession over power tussle. A lot has indeed taken place in the past few months ranging from the wards, Local Government and state Congresses which has brought deep cracks on the walls off the party,threatening to end the long domination of APC in the state.

The crisis has persisted to the extent that center can no longer hold. The battle for supremacy between Governor Abdulaziz Yari and the G8 has taken a wider dimension since the elders of APC could not address the issue, waiting for the national headquarters of the party to wade into the matter which is gradually giving PDP and other political parties the ample opportunity to dominate the state without fear and this again had placed Hon Bello Matawalle at advantage to run away with victory ahead of 2019 governorship election in the state.

However, we are in an era where some people get up every day and do not believe that tomorrow will be better.They do not believe any thing can change for better. They do believe that without former Governor Ahmad Sani Yarima democracy cannot make any difference in their lives but that is utter nonsense and a very wrong idea. But the truth is, there are whizkids and super technocrats in the state that are crusaders who can change the modus operandi of governance in Zamfara state.

Politics should indeed be about making tomorrow better, and making us all feel that we are part of the community in which we matter to each other, in which all of us are better up because of each other. In democracy, it has been always possible to face and overcome great obstacles. So all that remains in the forth coming election is to vote credible candidates and believe that the future can be better than the Present,to believe that we are important to each other and that all of us can have increase if we come together to elect credible acandidates irrespective of any political background.

The truth must be told that considering the present economic circumstances in the state. today Zamfara people cannot afford to.continue with irresponsible government because of a clique who do not care for the welfare of the masses.

Fielding questions from newsmen in Gusau the state capital, Hon. Bello Said Zamfara people have been wandering in the empty wilderness searching for a reliable formula for social and economic fortune for more than twenty years now, saying that if some one ask a question for a long time and the person does not get any answer, it therefore means that the person is asking a wrong question

Continuing, he pointed out that it is not too late for the people to make solid arrangement for a formidable redress of the backward system which he said he was very ready to sacrifice his blood to ensure that there is peace in his state, pointing out that there is no sacrifice that is too much for any body who loves his state and people.

Hon.Matawalle was quick to point out that the people controlling the resources of the state are mere rulers not leaders as the Case may be,adding that they have not the interest of the state at mind,describing them as political jobbers who are in the corridors of power.

He linked the persistent blood letting to lack of youth employment and empowerment and promising that the youths would be included in. his cabinet so as to end all these dastard acts that have proved unsolvable by both the government and the security agencies in the state.

He however reminded the people of the state solid minerals resources factory that has since been constructed, completed and commissioned but has became the home of reptiles and other animals thereby wasting the resources of the state due to lack of political will.

According to him,there is no reason reasonable enough to justify hundreds of billionns of naira that have been given to the since 1999 including bailout funds and others by the Buhari administration yet the state remains a rural state among its contemporaries in the country.

Nobody can dispute the fact that Dr. Bello Matawalle has empowered so many youths in the state irrespective of the fact that he is not in the government but it is certain that many youths including women owe their success through Matawalle and if the people of the state can reflect to the fact that the former Federal law Maker has been trying for the people of the state even though the APC faithful have refused to acknowledged that he is the Messiah the people have never acknowledged in the state even though it is widely believed that a prophet does not have any value in his home town.

The truth remains that no responsible government can dare to treat the issue of poverty and insecurity with a mere wave of hand otherwise there must be a threat of hunger and starvation in the land, that statement has become so obvious in our daily language in Nigeria and in Zamfara. State in particular.

He vowed that if only the people can vote him Into power, the tide shift to their favour,pointing out that it is the resposibility of a good government to ensure that the people are adequately protected to the core. Those who do not know should know that Zamfara state is swimming in a serious troubled waters due to irresponsible government being practiced by the cabals since 1999 even though we are in a Democratic dispensation. The cabals have succeeded in seizing the destiny of over four million citizens of the state thereby throwing them into a waste paper basket with their empty propaganda but my people are lacking wisdom.

It is therefore a precious time for the people of Zamfara state to Wake up from their long slumber and begin to ask questions about how their monthly federal allocations are being used since 1999 even without any Democratic dividend in the whole rotten system being practiced by the cabals in the state. Hon.Matawalle has an answer for that and even the constituency projects money from the national Assemble.He has taken a practical step to ensure that the youths are adequately protected and empowered so as to reduce insecurity in the state.

According to the youths,after due consultations with relevant stakeholders in the state there is need to advance their economic rights and fortune irrespective of whose ox is gored The youths constituency said they have deemed it .necessary to appeal to Hon. Bello Matawalle to take a practical step in vying for the governorship position with their unflinching support to enable them contribute to the development of the state to enhance their economic fortune to secure steady income, decent livelihood and protection even though the former federal law Maker has vowed to restore the sanity and harmony to prevail among the people in the state.

According to the youths,after due consultations with various stakeholders,there is need to advance their economic right irrespective of whose ox is gored as far as the person can confront the teething problems confronting the state. They maintained that prolonged problems confronting, searching for possible allusions which is has become so obvious that the state is in a very serious problems.then there is a need to place the state in a proper process according to the dictate of democracy.

The people have to go back to the drawing board to put in place effective and comprehensive arrangements’ that would remedy the deplorable situations they are finding themselves in about the youths, social and economic incentives that have prevented the state from joining the global village even after more than twenty years of creation The youths noted that they are seeing themselves being one of the neglected segments of the state, saying that there is no doubt that the determinants of any electoral victory world wide solely depends on the youths.

But if their assassiersion is correct, then the youths and the women therefore have a very big role to play in the system and that role is to Free the state from the long dominated problems and cluchtches of the insecurity,abject poverty it is facing right now and the insecurity challenges facing the state since they have taken the abject poverty and abject wants facing them since they have the choice for who would pilot the affairs of the state .

They maintained that after extensive consultations among various groups in the services of Hon. Bello Matawalle due to his relationship with the people of the state to pilot the affairs of the state for the betterment of all the people of the state both indigenes and none indigenes in the state considering the promises and assranses he had made to the state,saying that they have suffered for too long without any democratic dividend to justify that the state is practicing democratic system of government in the entire State which they said that the ÀPC led government has failed them very woefully I in the state especially during Abdulaziz Yafi administration.

We have alluded Matawalle because we see in him intellect profounder more unique than his contemporaries have not yet recognized because he is regarded as a Messiah who can salvage the decaying state and pull the state out of the economic duldroms which the masses have placed the state due to ignorance and they are now waking up from their slumber as they have realized that he is a genius, social regenerator who can restore the glory of the state and rectitude the warped system in the state because he has proved himself beyond a reasonable doubt.

We all are very much aware that Nigerians are suffering under the leadership of APC both in the state and in the country which is calling for a total change of government entirely as insecurity, hunger and starvation continue to reign every where to the extent that Nigerians are running helter skater turning to refugees all over the world.


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