Why Buhari must not go to Egypt now!


By Muhammad Mahmud

Reports from the media are indicating that the Egyptian coup leader, who used the machinery of a seized government and emerged as its president, through an unpopular sham they called election, General AbdelFatah El-Sisi, has sent a letter to the president-elect, Muhammadul Buhari, inviting him to Egypt.

It was insulting that Sisi decided to invite our dear president on the day a kangaroo court in that country sentenced the elected president, Muhammad Mursi, whose mandate he terminated with a gun, to twenty years in prison on a trumped up charges of inciting protests while in government custody. Ironically, it was the same Sisi courts that exonerated and discharged Africa’s most brutal dictator alive, Husni Mubarak. For a military man who behaved so shamelessly, the rightful treatment is to be deserted by men of honour like President Muhammadu Buhari.

The people of the civilised world are daily watching, in consternation, the mass murder, and torture of men, women and children in Egypt for no other reason than protesting, peacefully, the termination of the mandate they give to president Muhammad Mursi.

Notable, prominent and respectable citizens of Egypt are been sentenced to death, life imprisonment or dozens of years in prison on trumped up charges that are politically motivated, to the amazement and chagrin of all.

President Muhammadu Buhari will surely understand the situation better than any other person as his mandate was confiscated three times and his supporters harassed and even lost their lives for protesting that, a near replica of what is going on in Egypt now. For President Buhari to honour an invitation from such a dishonest and wicked regime, it will not only hurt the feelings millions of Nigerians who voted for him but will embolden the dastardly act and encourage some elements who harbour similar or worst intensions across our continent, just as it will justify, to the mind of perpetrators, the similar atrocities they meted him and his supporters.

Nigeria and Nigerians, unarguably, never have a better and shining status of leading the rest of Africa, since the time of late Murtala Muhammed, than this time of Buhari’s assumption of leadership. The country’s leadership status is back and Africa and the rest of the world will expect no less from president Buhari and Nigeria. Therefore, the president should practically show the world that we are against all forms of injustice under whatever garb it is hidden.
The coming of Buhari should usher in a new dawn in Africa, where it will be clear to the Sisi’s and his likes that respecting people’s mandate is sacrosanct and whoever trampled on it, under whatever excuse, is not welcome.

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  1. ina mika sakon gaisuwa zuwa ga son Nigeria gami da yanda suka nuna karamaci da juriya wajan yin zabe sahishi batare dayin hayani ba ko tashin hankaki Allah a yi rantsuwama haka batare dayin wata hayaniyaba


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