By Muhammad Babale, Bauchi
Maryam Alexander, the president and founder of Change Women Association (CHAWA) said they are happy with the change that has come to Nigeria following the just concluded general elections. And they also congratulated the entire elected persons and those that made the election success.
In her remarks while briefing newsmen, Mrs Alexander said with the election of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as the president elect, they believe that Nigeria will see change in all facets of the national life especially in Federal government appointments, which would reflect our diversity as a nation.
She added that it is pertinent to mention that its’ not contestable that the northeast sub region is the poorest region in Nigeria and one of the poorest in the world.
According to a report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) the North East is also one of the educationally backward sub regions in Nigeria, with the highest number of school age children  that are not in school due to poverty.
Furthermore, Mrs Maryam stated that “the northeast sub region gave All Progressives Congress (APC) tremendous support and cooperation during the just concluded election which Gen. Muhammadu Buhari attested. He admitted that Bauchi State gave him the highest vote than any other state put together from 2007 to 2015 election.”
The NGO also mentioned that Hon. Dogara showed ability to manage conflict because of the role he played in managing disputes within and outside his constituency. They also said he is devoid of sectional interest and religious bigotry.
However, all these things that are mentioned about this long term member is just a story. As mentioned above, that Dogara has shown enough ability to manage conflict because of the role he played in managing disputes within and outside his constituency, but how? This is a person that cannot manage to represent only three local governments under his constituency, and yet some people are busy supporting his ambition.
First of all, it is in the same Tafawa Balewa, the home of Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, which Hon. Dogara is representing, that act of governance has become impossible. Civil servants have no access to their respective offices in the local government headquarters. Every machinery of government of that local government is being carried out with anxiety and fear to the extent that no services are delivered to the masses in that locality.
In this case, the state government decided to move the headquarters from T/Balewa to Bununu since there is no peace in T/Balewa worth the “Sayawa” people and also to find a lasting solution to the lasting problem of the local government. After all the Sayawa of Dogara chased away all non Sayawa residents of T/Balewa and they are still refugees elsewhere. Most of the residents, the non Sayawa, have abandoned their farm lands, houses including everything. What effort did Dogara make for the unity of his people? How could you expect someone that cannot control the issue of one local government to contribute in building the nation or particularly the northeast which had suffered in the hands of the insurgents?
And can someone tell us who Hon. Dogara is representing in the House? A tribe or a particular religion or the whole people of Dass, T/Balewa and Bogoro federal constituency including Bununu people? On the question, before now we thought Hon. Dogara was representing the whole people – Sayawa and non Sayawa – of Dass T/Balewa and Bogoro fedral constituency.
Finally, he did not deliver his own home town, APC did not score even one percent in his home town, Bogoro. Northeast needs a person that is not tribalistic and biased; not the likes of Dogara.


  1. Then the WRITTER should go to HELL for his hatrate to Sayawa people. This is just the introduction of God’s miracle showing to Anti-Sayawa’s. Remember what happened to the children of Israel in Egypt. No wonder a person from Alkaleri nominated someone from Lagos. Be WARN that Anti-Sayawas’ are liable to DIE by HEART ATTACK.

  2. Dear Muhammad Babale, Bauchi, in spite of your malicious analysis, Hon. Dogara won the Speakership election. What will you now say or do? Before Dogara’s parents, there have been these crises and marginalization of the Sayawa Tribes, was it caused by Dogara? I thought you will be more objective to the issue and expose those who always cause trouble and run away feeling that TB must be turn into a grazing land? Please reflect and adjust when writing such pieces next time.

  3. Who is Mrs. Alexander? What did she know about the sayawa people?
    Whether it is her or any one else that cooked this story, I want the world to know that he or she doesn’t know who or what they are talking about.
    Go to Dass that is popularly dominated by the Jarawas and confirmed your cooked and meaningless story.
    Rt Hon. Yakubu Dogara is not an executive, but a legislator, I think the better person that should answer the question of relocating the local government head quarters to Bununu is the past governor, Isa Yuguda.
    We fully well know that it has been in the blood of so many of the state (Bauchi) that are against us. It was vividly mentioned by the past executive governor that the Sayawa people should be wiped out.
    Dogara is there not because you like it or dont, because that’s how God desires it. And there is nothing you ( Mrs. Alex) or any body else could do. Just watch and see that God is at work.
    And my advice to you is, go and look for a better job to do, CHAWA? Hmmmmm!!!

  4. Dogara is a law maker based in Abuja.He is neither the governor nor the emir of bauchi.I wonder how he is expected to manage a conflict that is fuel by the powers that be in Bauchi.This write up is a clear indication that the agent of anarchy are at it again.If truly God is the one that gives power, then instead of praying and wishing that he fails let us pray that he succeeds, after all God gives power to whoever he wills.Except you are blaming God for choosing the wrong person.

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