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    We should not have people like Sagay still commenting on issues brothering governance in Nigeria because this is a man that has no conscience and has sold his reputation for a pot of porridge a long time ago.

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      Nobody could say it better. He is a disgrace to the human race.

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    Comment…sagey is an educated idiot, he is one of those misguiding buhari’s govt

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    jude L/A USA

    How do you mean? Explain please.

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    Faden Lachang

    its a show of shame. i doubt his credibility .He sound so bitter, vindictive and by implication of his statements the reputation of the entire justices at the supreme court is in doubt. I call on Mr president to carefully examine all his appointees for the sake of national unity. I re- called one of the aide telling a senate committee that they have no right inviting the AGF. No wonder the nation is in a mess with these kind of people.

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    Isim U. Udoh

    I stand with the comment of the earlier two people above. Sagay, go and die in the bush. You will never be in the Supreme Court. Are you too small to be there? No, but providence will not allow, hence you are bragging your mouth like the snake shakes its tongue. You will die without smelling the Supreme Court. So be it.

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    Stupid mumu laywer.


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