With a Governor Like Geidam…


One of the pig-headed actions that have made the typical Local Government Area a laughing stock is the decision by council chairmen to live far away from their LGAs. They would rather reside in the capital city of their respective states than dwell where they work. In fact, the situation has degenerated to the extent that some chairmen stay away from their offices most of them, usually showing up whenever it’s time to “share” their councils’ monthly allocation.

Sadly, this lamentable trend has taken root among some state governors, notably Akpabio of Awka Ibom, Suswam of Benue, and Geidam of Yobe State. They in a typical week are most likely to be found in the nation’s capital city than in their respective states, enjoying themselves in the Abuja while their jobs remain unattended to. That is, of course, when they are not gallivanting abroad at the drop of a hat.

Among the governors with a penchant for indulging in such jamboree, Yobe state’s emperor (sorry, Governor) has acquired universal notoriety in recent times. Reason? Despite the pervasive insecurity in his state (a situation which led to the declaration of state emergency in Yobe and two other states), Geidam gallivants around in a devil- may-care manner. Even when terrorists devastate his people, His Excellency would remain holed up in Abuja or in one of the capitals unmoved and unconcerned.

With a governor like Geidam, it is no wonder Yobe has been drafting dangerously in recent times. Talk of a ruler who abdicates his responsibilities even as he enjoys the perks of office, wallowing in sickening extravagance while his people bleed.


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