Women mark ‘Violence against Women Day’


By Maryam Musa Maiyanga

On every 25th November the world celebrates War against Violence Women to mark violence against women.

Back here home in Nigeria, there is an association named (RAPERS) an agency initiated toward organizing the managing violence against women as early named Rapers Hajiya Amina Bala Jibril said, war against violence upon is increasing on a daily basis. As on “Rape” which is most common practiced upon teenager, younger girls, women and even little babies due to some reason either on spiritual, higher feelings among others things.

She also cited examples with what happened to Chibok Girls, she said, stealing them, kidnapping them even forced marriage are war violence against women that happened at the North-East of Nigeria.

Hajiya Amina Bala Jibril said only that Chibok has some great personalities that cry out, that why they kidnapping is widely spread like wild fired but there was a timed.

When younger girls of about sixty has been kidnapped and sexually activities was done on them, and as well after the episode, they were brought back while some was with pregnancy, some of the girls has to be taken to hospital for seeking for their health.

The leader of the RAPPERS added that, at home in every society you found, a husband with his wife, the husband do beat up his wife, or throughout insulted or some husband do go to beer par lour, consumed alcohol, when come back, he will beat her or insulted his woman even some snatched her money because in African culture men are superior lover their wives, all these are violence against women in totality.

Meanwhile, Saadatu Mohammed a woman activist also called for better awareness, enlightens because women is very importance status that was created by GOD toward delivery babies. She cited examples that, if women should stopped given births to babies for about seventy to eighty years on earth as per retireers the world would finished.

The women activist, Hajiya Sa’adatu among other alone side permanent women in the country had called upon Nigeria government toward ensuring that more women should be put into government cabinet due to present government has do her efforts on ensuring that, women are into vital position, but it is still called upon men to remembered that woman can be somebody mother, sister, aunty in which women must be treated with kindness respected, love and involved into nursing affairs of government, industries, corporate bodies among others job opportunities for betterment of Nigeria as a nation.

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