World Economic Forum Ranks Nigeria Among 32 most corrupt countries in the world 


Despite the perceived fight against corruption by the APC led government of President Muhammadu Buhari, corruption seems to be on unprecedented increase under his watch.
The World Economic Forum on Tuesday released its annual corruption index as part of its Global Competitiveness Report”.

In the report, Nigeria ranked 15th with Republic of Guinea behind Uganda, Nicaragua and Cameroon.

Using a methodology linked to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, the WEF ranked 140 countries’ level of corruption within their society on a scale of one to 100.

A score of 100 means a country is without corruption, while zero is the most corrupt possible. All the countries featured on this list scored 30 or less.

The countries the WEF views as most corrupt tend to be in Africa, Central America, and the Middle East, in societies with weak legal and governmental systems and widespread poverty.

For instance, the WEF ranked Yemen, which is in the middle of a brutal civil war, as the most corrupt nation. But a handful of the world’s 20 largest economies also made it onto the list.

The 2018 edition of the Global Competitiveness Report represents a milestone in the four-decade history of the series, with the introduction of the new Global Competitiveness Index 4.0. The new index sheds light on an emerging set of drivers of productivity and long-term growth in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It provides a much-needed compass for policy-makers and other stakeholders to help shape economic strategies and monitor progress.



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