• We don’t believe in killing Innocent People and Security Officials!

By Tukur Mamu

While it is not yet clear as at press time whether there is crisis among followers of the Jamaatu Ahlil Sunna Wal daa Wati popularly called Boko Haram, as a new video exclusively obtained by DESERT HERALD has shown the emergence of another radical sect by name Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladi Sudan.

While the Boko Haram has so far restricted its operations to Nigeria and precisely the north east, the new group headed by one that goes with a pseudo name of Abu Usamatul Ansar will defend the interest of Islam and Muslims in Africa. To some, the sect headed by Ansar is seen as one that will compliment the ‘struggle’ by the Boko Haram sect under Imam Abubakar Shekau but to many it is an indication that all is not well with the leadership of the Boko Haram sect and that there has been conflict about its ideology and its understanding of Islam hence the decision to form a new group.

While the Boko Haram sect considers every non Muslim including Christians as enemies that must be killed, the Jamaatu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladi Sudan under Ansar in the exclusive video did not believe in killing innocent non Muslims except “in self defense or if they attack Muslims like the cases we have in Jos”. And while the Boko Haram considers any security agents including the para military whether big or the smallest rank as a ‘legitimate’ target for elimination , the Ansar group said they don’t believe in killing innocent security operatives except if they are attacked by them or in self defense. The name Jamaatul Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladin Sudan meaning the Group that dedicates itself to helping Muslims in Africa, its logo, aims and objectives according to the new leader of the sect, Abu Usamatul Ansar in the exclusive video that shows him addressing his commanders is to correct the concept, meaning and purpose of JIhad in Islam.

In the exclusive video which was made in Arabic and translated in Hausa and English, Usamatul Ansar’s speech clearly indicates that their understanding of Jihad in Islam is different from the one being adopted by the Boko Haram sect. He said the Jamaatu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladi Sudan considers anybody that accepted the khalimatush shahada (believing in one God and Prophet Muhammad PBUH as the messenger of Allah) as a Muslim who must not be killed except he/she has committed an act that is punishable by death as stated in the holy Qur’ran. “Islam forbids killing of innocent people including non Muslims. This is our belief and we stand for it”, Ansar said.

Ansar said they will not target or kill any security personnel in the name of Jihad but that they will protect the interest of Muslims and Islam anywhere in Africa and that they expect the government to allow them to freely practice their religion and to always do justice to the people.

He said recent attacks on Muslims in Jos and Kaduna during the Eld-el fitr prayer and in the aftermath of the presidential election violence is unacceptable to them. He emphasizes that the holy Prophet Muhammad has indeed leaved with non Muslims and even Jews but on the condition that they will not do anything to harm them directly or indirectly. But Ansar said they will always attack any group or religion that attack Islam and Muslims. He said the rampant massacre of Muslims in Nigeria will no longer be tolerated and that they will never attack any religion or government institution that didn’t attack them and their religion.


Even though the leader of the Boko Haram, Imam Shekau, did not make any comment about the emergence of the new group and whether or not it is not as a result of the reported division between them that resulted to the purported breakup, many believe that there is indeed feud between those that are opposed to the rampant and indiscriminate killings of Muslims, which are the radical elements under Shekau, and those that are opposed to such killings under Usamatrul Ansar.

According to DESERT HERALD source within the Boko Haram sect, the content of the video clearly shows that there is a division among the Boko Haram members on the method of their operations, target and the killing of the military, police and even paramilitary officials by the Boko Haram sect.

What remains to be seen is whether or not these purported division, crisis and the emergence of a ‘splinter’ group in Boko Haram will affect its influence, operations and its future. So far and as at press time DESERT HERALD could not confirm the percentage or the number of ‘commandos within the Boko Haram sect that defied Malam Abubakar Shekau and formed the Jamaatul Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladin Sudan but sources said significant number of the Boko Haram sect have shifted loyalty to the new leader of the Jamaatu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladin Sudan under Abu Usamatul Ansary .

It remains to be seen whether the two sects will engage in rivalry due to differences in belief and understanding of Islam or they will work together according to Boko Haram’s commander in charge of suicide mission, Abu Fatima.

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  1. If indeed what your saying is true May Almighty Allah helps you Abundantly to protect Islam and Muslims.

    • Allahu Akbar! Gaskiya ta fara bayyana, lokacin da Malaman Sunnah na Gaskiya Suka fito suka bayyanar da bannar kissan Musulmi da Malaman musulunci sai kuka ce:Wai su Malaman Gwamnati ne!!!(WA YA KASHE MALAM JA’AFAR !!!) Shin ko kuma yau cikinku an fara samun Malan Gwamnatin ne? Mu dai muna kan Sunnah a bisa Manhajin Salafus Saaleeh, Duk kwa gama rudu da hayaniyarku da rudaninku mun san Hamasa ce Kawai baku da Ingantaccen Ilimi na Tamyizi.( KAREN BANA MAGANIN ZOMON BANA!!! )(KARSHEN ALEWA KASA!!! )

  2. Mazi says:

    For the fact u claim u intend protecting ur religion should never be a ground for u to intimidate a nation like Nigeria.I dont care the dynmention u are taking,but i must warrn that ur course should be a justifiable one and shouldn’t pose trates to the oness and unity of the nation.A word i think should be anough for the wise.

  3. Shamsuddeen Abdullahi says:

    May Almighty Allah bring an end to these spate of bombings and killings.

  4. Bibi says:

    May Allah help us.

  5. Adamu ibrahim karage says:


  6. Nana AD says:

    How do they get the news? Do U know actual BH never hide their faces? The people producing those videos are same with this one which every Nigerian knows. Just tell us the game is about 2 end, maybe U saw no profit in it. What brought about Mr A got rich means Mr B is getting poor? The writter of this news should know that we Nigerians are not stupids. It would have been ok 4 U 2 say a new group has emerged, that does not mean they must be part of the old group. If U based the groups as Islamist, then ask yourself. How many Muslums are in Nigeria? Even if U kill 1million Muslums we will still be above 80millions with daily birth rate of more than 30thousands a day, converts of 100 a day & death rate of less than 10thousand a day.

  7. ochigbo jacob oche says:

    If we decided to end violence with violence then when can peace be achieve? we should be praying to Almighty Allah to bring lasting peace and not we human to do it for HIM……Am a christian but I hate to see my fellow nigerians killing themselves cos whether we like it or not is nigerians killing nigerians because we nigerians are made up of muslims and christians. please let our muslims brothers take a look at the war between shinitte and sunnise in Alfganistan…they are all muslims wasting their lives…..please my fellow muslim brothers we should not let our case be like that…………….

  8. amina idris says:

    this is geting more interesting. Infact this is season 2. Watch out 4 season 3

  9. Umaru adamu says:

    God always available, nd is there 2 protect all muslim

  10. BB says:

    @Nana u r fool nd stupid maybe u r in d bush u r nt update u beta go nd contiue eatin grass

  11. Teslimkunle says:

    Boko&FG,is a game 2 play our nation.

  12. KALMATÜLLAH says:

    That is all lies and nonsense. If they are talking about protection, what power do they have to protect? Is it with bombs and guns? They just want to make Nigeria a religious war zone. Nigeria is too exposed to be islamised or make a christian republic under guns and bombs. Imagine all the religions having terror groups. What do u think will happen? No man can protect than GOD almighty.

  13. Alamin Muhammad says:

    “Birds of the same feather” You are not better than the old crime. Both of you are not representing Islam and have little or no knowlege of jihad. Both of you are ‘fitnah’ and conspirators. I dont even believe in this new strategy, because it may be the old thing, packaged in the new pack. It could also be that the end of the evil is at sight since the arms are no longer there for the evil doers to use. It could also be that the new will work with the govt to get money to reinforce the mother sect. Evil! Evil!! Evil!!! Security men beware. “I no wan hear, i no wan see, i no wan read dat na desame mama & desame papa bornam”

  14. Abu Ja'afar says:

    re: we don’t believe in killing innocent people and security officials! by Tukur Mamu of Desert Herald.
    we the J.A.M.B.S have strongly and immediately denouce the statement posted above by desert herald dated 2th June, 2012. Our manifestations are clear in the video shown above which is in spin with the Tukur Mamu’s statement. we are advising the entire public to reject the tukur’s statement and consider only the information given in the two videos. Thanks Abu Jafar Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladissudan’s spokesman (J.A.M.B.S).

  15. Fatima says:

    All praise be to God alone.Nigerians are not stupid,who told that boko haram do exist?boko haram is another formula of looting the national treasure and undermined the image north for them been muslims.we expect more attack as long as the leadership is under those with close ties with the two most bigots devils on earth(bush and blair).every muslim knows that BH ideology is un-islamic and only a coward can preach or believe on the ideology.IN ALLAH WE TRUST AND THEY WILL FAIL BY HIS GRACE.Nigeria will ever remain as a muslim majority country and muslims will remain as nigerians.

  16. Da sunana Allah mairahma maijijnkai.
    Dama shi addinin musulunci addinine da ya ginu karkashin ilimi da wayewa shiyasa ma’abotanshi kullum suna aikine da ilimi da kuma wayewa, yana da kau idan mutum zaiyi magana akan abu yazamnto ya san abun kuma wayayyene akanshi, abinda deserd herald ta fitar ranar: 1st june,2012, ta hanyar Tukur Mamu, ba shibane abinda ansaru suka fada kuma ba shi bane fahimtar addinin musulunci akan wadannan al’amura kuma yakamata idan mutun zai yi magana akai ai ga bidiyo da aka saka a wannan shafin zai iya sanin hakikanin abida da sukecewa, ai gaskiya kullum gaskiyace kuma malam gomnati da malaman gomnatine tunda har yanzu basu canzaba, kuma yakama mutun ya sani idan yayi rubutu a wannan shafi fa rubutunshi ba zai takaitane a gidansu ko garinsuba, yayi rubune zuwa ga wayayyiyar duniya mai ilimi. kar ya bayyana rudunshi da rashin iliminshi ko wayewarshi. nagude

  17. basirda mamu says:

    I watched d Ansar’s video from d begining 2 d end, but d Tukur’s stement is contrary n fully different with d Abu usama’s one. Now we heard what Ansar said n we understood, agreed and even believed its idieologies, aims & objectives. But u Ansar most be noted that ALL EYES ON YOU!!!

  18. daga kin gaskiya sai bata!

  19. Usman isa dawa says:

    Boko haram is a FG Plot in nigeria JAMA’ATUL ANSARUL MUSLIMINA. Your duties wil identify you either you are F.G Plot or you are on behalf of ur selves 4 d sake of ALLAH.

  20. al ahmad says:

    my fellow NIGERIANS we should’nt give our trust to new things like that so soon.lets watch and see they could boko haram in a defrent garment.but we pray they should be good muslims!!!

  21. @BB. Is not the matter of stupidity as you take it,Nana is right it is the matter of interllectuals reasons if you are not interllectual enough you shutup.

  22. basirda mamu says:

    Auwal Abubakar u too like Nana u dnt kno where ure living or ur contemperary society n even its challengies!! Did u know dat Akhwat Akwop(d xtians militans in southern Kaduna) gives 7DAYs NOTICE 2 d MUSLIMS 2 live deir motherland? WHAT IS UR RESPONT ?

  23. Only God know d true about what is happening.

  24. ibrahim fika says:

    May Allah guide0us

  25. N.N. E wukari says:

    if only we copy CHINA, and inject all CORRUPT OFFICE HOLDERs to death once found guilty our leaders fear DEATH like fire. we will be better off without OBASANJO, BABANGIDA, BUHARI,ABDULSALAMI,ATIKU AND BAD-LUCK EBELE JONATHAN AND LEFT WITH MEMORIES and LIKES OF SIR AHMADU BELLO- DR. NNAMDI AZIKIWE-alh. Aminu Kano GEN YAKUBU GOWON- SIR ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BALEWA- AND OJUKWU – dr.Alex Ekweme AND adams oshiomole to govern this land if only the hands of time could be turned back. but almost all of us are corrupt in one way or the other. so,lets stop it now and TRAIN our children aright.

  26. muzzikb says:

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  27. Kabiru Isya Sani says:

    All this was happened as a result of bad leadership that lead our country. My fellow muslim and cristian we continue pray God to protect us and ur nation.

  28. maimuna says:

    subhanallah wa iyazubillah, we are all suffering. May Allah come to our rescue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. anty jankoli says:

    ya Allah, may you cme to our rescue……… ana bamu wahala yen damaturu.

  30. Ahmad G says:

    mhm Oh! Allah help us and destroy all boko haram memebers and whoever supporting them; coz they re cheating, stealing, robbering, destroying, killing, and hypocriticing in the name of Islam but we Muslim, we knew that they re not real Muslim they re unbelievables!

  31. ABUBAKAR S USMAN says:

    The issue of national security is complex as well as changing. Complex in the sense that, it comes and can be in many form that reflect the highly competitive nature of nation states. For instance, national security for countries with significant resources and value is based largely on technical measures and operational processes. The national security apparatus depends largely on combinations of management practices, technical capabilities, the projection of images both internally and externally, and the capacity to gain enough of the will of the people to gather taxes and spend them on useful efforts. These have foundations in internal education and communications systems that serve to build the nation states on strategic and tactical bases and create the conditions for success and failure of the nation state.
    It is said to be changing in the sense that, the world is replacing transportation with communication and thus the ability to communicate effectively and convey messages in the information environment is critical to national security for developing nations. Issues like Niger Delter and Boko Haram requires good communication and research to come out with findings that serves as strategy to prevent the re-occurrence of the issues. These issues have lead to destruction of life and properties across the country. Although national security measures are imposed to protect society as a whole, many such measures will restrict the rights and freedoms of all individuals in society. The concern is that where the exercise of national security laws and powers is not subject to good governance, the rule of law, and strict checks and balances, there is a risk that “national security” may simply serve as a pretext for suppressing unfavorable political and social views. This again raises the concern of citizens as to what constitute good governance and national security.

  32. fatima says:

    Allhamdullilah bombing is coming to an END inshallah, we most prey herder cos is what we prey that will be given to us, less allways prey for peace and stop spreying rumore. we most keep eyes on our children, drugs is the geniuses of all this problems.

  33. iorwuese says:

    muslim islam afghanistan pakistan yemen libya tunisia n nigeria somaria binladen aqim hezbolla pplo alqueda alshabab mali ebypt boko haram syria etc are the legacies the prophet of peace left behind.

  34. Maizoba says:

    Hatred, killings, bombings, suicide, anger against non muslims is what the sultans and the sheiks have passed down to their followers including dehumanizing women plus if you want to leave islam then you have to be slaughtered. This is a dictatorial and evil religion that should be outlawed by civilized societies. if allah is accepted in any society then that society becomes fitna, trouble,curse and never to know peace. Take a look at Pakistan, aghanistan, iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and any country where islam is projected and you will see that terror and fear and hatred is what you get. Is it not better to have a neighour that is a drunkard and pork eater who you can live in the same county with no fear of planting a bomb than living in the same place with someone that can recite the quran and turn aside to harm you in the name of his stupid and foolish religion. so what happens if other religions decide to be as idiotic and blood thirsty like the quranist then the whole world will be a bunch of lunatics but thank God for Jesus who teaches love rather than hate but that does not mean that Christians and other peace loving religions should not protect themselves by every means necessary from those blood suckers in islam who think they have the exclusive right to violence. Christians and other religious practitioners should not be your target enemies just because they do not agree with your allah. Wake up from your dream you who lack understanding and face the fact that the world is not a caliphate but a diversity of color, race, languages and religious beliefs and it will remain so until world end. Be proud of your hausa language and culture and bear your native hausa names instead of Arabic names.

  35. […] that Norway-based Aftenposten found in Mokhtar Belmokhtar’s compound in Gao in February 2013. Ansaru’s first videos with the Ansaru logo started in emerging in June 2012 – could they have been filmed in Gao, […]

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