Yakowa: One Year of Monumental Waste and killings


Why Yakowa’s spokesman ‘justified’ the killings at Gonin Gora

“The philosophy of doing nothing is as effective as the philosophy of doing something. Doing is something because it is a way of withholding services” – Anonymous

By Ibrahim Mu’azu


Prophecy is when you foretell future events by or as if by supernatural means. Those who prophesy are said to be prophets.  Rightly so, they have within the years successfully predicted the happenings, events and catarophe of Biblical and momentous magnitude. They have predicted the performance or non performance of political leaders over the years with surprising accuracy. Yet, one year ago, the prophecy about the administration of, Patrick Yakowa was told and rightly so, it has come to pass.

The providence-based leadership mantra of Sir Patrick Yakowa was hyped and romanticized in order to distract the gullible people into believing that his leadership was ordained by some higher powers. Agreed, people swallowed it hook line and sinker, but are now leaking their wounds with regrets.

Since the advent of Yakowa’s regime in Kaduna State, there has been a steady and dramatic rise in civil and political hopelessness and frustration, forged in insulting and inexplicable penury. United and unified by deep seated hunger and equal opportunity misery, the people are no longer willing to put their trust in an underperforming governor.

The promises the people had of Yakowa has been unfulfilled, the hope they all had of a positive change has become a chimera and smile they all wore on their faces have since but disappeared and in its place is dearly drawn line of anguish and perpetual sadness.

Yes, those who have three eyes have predicted the failure of Yakowa. They have spelt out the unfortunate and terrible position Yakowa led us into. Not that they did not prepare our minds for this Olympian level of prodigality exhibited by Yakowa in all facets of the failing government. The failure of Yakowa was a big shock to his loyalists, a surprise to his cronies and long awaited by his opponents. And for those who know him well, they are yet to unravel the mystery behind his failure.

In sequence, the non-performance or underperformance or rather the prejudicial and bias demonstrated by Governor Yakowa in his appointments and political dealings with his tribesmen and religious brethrens points to a sharp and unfortunate policy based on primitive ideology. Mostly, his appointments are not base on competence but tribe and religion.

From the sector of education, where millions are spent daily without corresponding values, from Ministry of Water Resources where darkness and brick walls are looming large and closing in on their pathetic lies of claiming to have spent billions on water projects without showing for it, and from Agriculture where the only semblance of response from the slumbering Yakowa is the commissioning of some negligible tones of fertilizer which more often ended up in the hands of some blood thirsty cabals who decide who should be opportune for the supply of fertilizer, and from health care delivery initiative, which everyone knows is abysmal, shameful and catastrophic as a result of ill-motivated and underperforming workforce to the billions of Naira washed down the drain on security without remarkable impact. On the general scenario, Yakowa’s failure, waste and cluelessness have conspired to mark him as the least performing governor since the founding of Kaduna. How his Special Adviser on Media, Rueben Buhari attempted without success to legitimize and reduced the massacre at Gonin Gora penultimate week to nothing shows the lines of thinking and how wicked Yakowa’s people are.  No responsible Muslim will support the bombing of Churches and they know that more than 90 percent of Nigerian Muslims are not in support of Boko Haram and their suicide campaigns. Why will Rueben Buhari indirectly supports the attack and killings of innocent Muslims in the name of reprisal attacks at the notorious Gonin Gora area? How many times did Muslims kill non Muslims at Mararraban Jos? Is that why Yakowa’s government quickly mobilize its people after the massacre at Gonin Gora to dispose the innocent victims whom are mostly traveling to or coming from Abuja. By giving reference to unsubstantiated ‘killing’ in Mararraban Jos to justify the Gonin Gora massacre clearly shows that Yakowa’s spokesman, Rueben is saying the views and opinion of his boss. Certainly, Rueben will not say anything that is not approved by his boss. Since by his (Rueben’s) assumption Muslims are killing people at Mararraba as often as the case we used to have at Gonin Gora and hence there is no offense on the massacre they recently did including slaughtering a senior army officer for the offence of being a Muslim.

Reuben and his boss should know that true Muslims have nothing to do with Boko Haram or their activities. Justifying their massacre at Gonin Gora for the offense done by Boko Haram sect is the most irresponsible and provocative utterance by a spokesman of a ‘democratic government’. If Mr. Yakowa is serious and he is truly ‘Nakowa’, Reuben’s provocative and insulting comment against all Muslims deserve him a sack. This Reuben, as inexperience and inept as he is has embarrassed Yakowa on several occasions but he will remain there for the simple qualification of being a Southern Kaduna citizen. 

The most annoying and savage of all the mess Yakowa is shoving down our throats are the sacrilege and unfortunate issue of bias, prejudice and dichotomy he deploys in consideration of appointments and promotions. Looking at it critically, it is as if the Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo and Sir, Yakowa are frantically trying to outdo each other in the contest for the most outstanding bigots and tribal jingoist in Nigeria.

It is a move and counter move to reduce himself to nil.

We are not only against Yakowa but any Nigerian with religious bigotry. In essence Namadi appointments are done in the face of ethnic and religious considerations as only people from his Zaria axis and Muslims are considered for federal appointments regardless of merits and competence. On the other side of the great divide, Yakowa is holding fort as the generalissimo of tribal and religious foot soldiers, as his appointments are cutting all the tentacles and grip of the Muslims systematically. His appointment reflects more of CAN agenda than political convenience. He appoints more of Christians from Southern Kaduna where he is more hated than the Muslims from Northern Kaduna.

This scenario is not only a political hara-kiri, but absolute lack of sound political judgment. It is also a move that kills the initiative and confer advantage to the opposition. If democracy comes to this, level splaying ground will be distorted and values will be compromised. It is this kind of sharp dichotomy that diametrically opposed all semblance of civilized society that draws the likes of Boko Haram, tribal alienation and religious intolerance in the corridors of political struggles.

As a point of duty, Kaduna State is on the brink and precipice of bottomless pit, and should not be left in the hands of tribal bigots. We call on the much esteemed ACF (Arewa Consultative Forum) to call Yakowa to order and the path of fairness and justice. He should also remember how he came to power. It is only by so doing that the crises in the State would be abated.

Mu’azu, is Secretary-General of the Compatriots, a Kaduna-based Pressure Group



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