SARSThere are therefore some factors contributing to the failure of the Police Force in combating crimes in the state. One of these factors is lack of modern equipment which has led to the loss of lives of even policemen to the powerful activities of the gunmen. Some of the policemen who refused their names in print said not all the risk allowances approved for them are given to them while they risk their lives. Zamfara State government under Abdul’aziz Yari spent millions of Naira to get police helicopter from the force headquarters to raid Dansadau District, yet the situation gets worst by the day until Governor Yari decided to seek the intervention of Ali Kwara who arrested some of the armed robbers and some ran to Sokoto State for hiding. That action reduced the tension in Dansadau District of Maru Local Government area, yet the end to such unfortunate development is not at sight and today the police are claiming the credit of Ali Kwara’s actions. According to some of the analysts interviewed by our reporter, the basis for the incessant upsurge is the obnoxious committee set up by Governor Yari that sacked nearly 8,000 civil servants in the state. That action of Governor Yari to sack almost 8,000 removed food from the tables of the sacked civil servants especially in this hard period. But man must wak hence some young ones among them took to armed robbery. It is also on record that during Yarima and Shinkafi’s time, no civil servant was retrenched and the rate of crime was relatively low. The retrenchment of over 8,000 civil servants by Governor Yari’s administration could not be unconnected to the high rate of crime in the state. Conscience is an open wound which only the truth can heal and that is the open truth and nothing but the truth. From what is happening in Zamfara State concerning the killings of innocent citizens, nothing more than divine intervention is needed. With these killings, the security situation in Zamfara becomes virtually non existence. But for the consistent and determined efforts of the famous armed robber hunter, Ali Kwara and the Police Command, things would have been worse than they are today. The democratic feeling in the state which is being taken by many people as a license for mischief and indiscipline gradually culminated into reign of terror perpetrated by the unemployed youth who for several months had been without any means of livelihood. These youths apart from being unemployed, they are as well employable but are roaming the streets day in day out. It is very dangerous for a state like Zamfara to allow its teeming youth without education, skills or moral guidance of any kind. That is the core reason why security is trammeled in the state. Recently, the traditional institution has been attacking the government saying that the government is responsible for the killings in the state. Let us give example, the Emir of Zurmi; Zurmi Local Government Council recently said that the government of the state knows what is happening pertaining insecurity. According to the Emir, “if they should name anybody, they should name the government because the government will be the first people to run to the victims and give them Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000.00) and some bags of rice to the family so the matter ends just like that”. And the Emir asked how many people have been arrested in the killings, and the police have never given any responsible answer to the killings of the people. Is that how to rule people? Then Zamfara is not practicing democracy, only God knows what they are practicing, says the man. Armed robbers have killed several police officers in the state yet the perpetrators their unholy and barbaric disposition unabated. The question is who serves as a potential danger or source of violence. This is what the police and the security operatives have to find out. It is only if the killings are stopped can there be peace in the state. The longer the insecurity continues under the present dispensation, the more democracy becomes fragile. This is the unfortunate story in Zamfara. Fear reigns supreme and uncertainties are the feeling of the people with lawless activities of these hoodlums. The ugly demonstration that is reigning in Zamfara has so kill many innocent people while millions of Naira worth of properties were looted in the name of fighting armed robbery. The unemployment and retrenchment of over 7,000 civil servants in the state has thus given license to many outlaws to procure modern weapons as well as use the same weapons to perpetrate heinous and ungodly crimes. But the Zamfara State Police Command said it is putting its beat to curtail the unending menace of the robbers in the state. However, the police have admitted that the command is operating with inadequate equipment. Come to think of it, it is only in the present administration that nearly over 8,000 civil servants have been sacked. The state Skills Acquisition Programme was made for the youth to learn trades, the program has been suspended for now. The youths are now on the receiving end. There is no other way to put the state back on track than to provide employment to the teeming youths and recall those who are wrongly sacked. The victims of that committee are undoubtedly drawing public sympathy because democratic government is essentially of the people. Therefore, the government of Yari ought to be committed to the wellbeing of the people of the state. May God help Abdul’aziz as we pray for him to change so that he can listen to the voice of reason.

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